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Controversies in EEG Source Imaging
Special Issue

Special issue of the journal Brain Topography  

Controversies in EEG Source Imaging


Guest Editors:

Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa

Daniele Marinazzo

Dezhong Yao

Jorge J. Riera

Laura Astolfi

This issue will examine the basis of, and the controversial issues surrounding Electrophysiological Source Imaging (ESI), inpired on the workshop on the same topic.

ESI has become acknowledged as one of the modalities of Neuroimaging, yet there remains heated debate about the physical, physiological basis of this technique as well as about the best ways to obtain tomographic images of activation and connectivity. This Special Issue aims to resolve some of these issues -- and perhaps ignite others.

The Issue will consist of:

a) An editorial summarizing the state of the field and an overview of the data, software, and contributed papers.

b) A paper describing those materials and methods of the data that are applicable to the entire workshop.

c) A series of papers on the topic of the workshop. These will, at a minimum,  analyze the simulations and at least one experimental dataset.

d) If appropriate, some papers may include comments and commentaries as decided by the editors.

The editorial will be made freely accessible to all readers.

Anyone who registers for use of the data may submit a paper to the Issue. This paper will then be subject to peer review.

Deadline for submissions: 20th December 2015